The Aztec themed ZumaZuma is a 5 reel slot game with a possible 20 win lines, and is based around a puzzle game by Popcap that stormed to success in the online world some time ago. Zuma is one of the most popular slots at, and part of the reason for this is both the accessibility and the appeal of the theme.

Zuma is inspired by the ancient culture of the Aztecs. The Aztecs were natives of what is now central Mexico, and dominated this area between the 14th and 16th Centuries. Famed for their pyramids, their religious masks, and their gold, The Aztec civilisation had all the ingredients to generate a lasting interest in their culture. For more information about the Aztecs, try looking here:

In the slot game, the Zuma logo is the all important Wild symbol. As regular players of slot games will know, a Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols – apart from another Wild symbol, or a scatter symbol – and so the appearance of the Zuma symbol will often result in the creation of another winning line. As well as substituting for other symbols, the Zuma symbol also multiplies a win, so the Zuma symbol is certainly a welcome sight when you play this slot.

The Frog is a Scatter symbol, and the appearance of three or more Frogs triggers the Zuma Free Spins Scatter Bonus. In this ‘take your pick’ feature you are given the opportunity to build up a number of free spins, then at the end of the round you choose a Tiki boss who determines just how many free spins you have won.

Thankfully, the wild Zuma symbol can appear in both normal play and during free spins. If you are totally new to online slots, and the above information seems a little confusing, you should take advantage of the free demo play on offer to familiarise yourself with how Zuma works , as despite the gaming jargon, it’s not rocket science! Zuma is a game that you can get to grips with in just a few minutes, and thanks to the flexible stake system, which allows you to play with as little as 1p per line, Zuma is also highly accessible and very affordable. The number of win lines that you play is also your decision, and perhaps the only thing to be mindful of before you start real play is that any stake is multiplied by the number of win lines that you have selected.