Once I was in a casino playing craps, I was quite amazed seeing a man playing very little and winning instantly with huge amounts and walking away with pride. Now, you surely must be eager to know how he managed this. Here’s how.

The Craps players constantly think that they need to spend more time with too much of action on the casino table for winning the game. Nothing could be worse than simply making a pass Line Bet and blankly waiting for the shooter to the dice a number of times. Due to this fact, players wager more and more every time.
After so many struggles in the craps game, don’t you think that you deserve to have less action, less risk and also some highs? So, here’s the single roll craps system especially for players like us. It is very humorous as the chances of you getting caught are very less and there is no need to have several winnings to go a step further. The fact is, even if you are caught it shouldn’t matter you at all.
The systems base orbits around the sum of the numbers 10,9,8,4, 5, and 6. Like if you wager on $10, then you must know what will be the payouts of all these numbers mentioned. If the pointer points to a five or a nine, then the payout for $10 will be $14.

If the pointer points to a 4 or 10, then the payout is $20 if it is bought. If it is a 6 or an 8 then the payout will be $14 for $12. For the number six and eight $12 is the minimum amount to wager. Now, let’s place some bets. Place a $10 bet on all the previously mentioned numbers except the numbers 6 and 8 as you have to place for $12. According to the craps lingo it is called as $64 across (the sum of all the bets). If you are playing in a real casino, according to the lingo you just have to say 64 dollars across and the croupier will set the chips for you accordingly.

Here is the hint. We are actually not going to have our bets on these numbers. You are not playing for this, but playing for the next roll to come. Once this occurs, you put your bet down. If any of the mentioned numbers are rolled, then you will make money. But if an 11,12,2 or a 3 is rolled, then nothing happens at all. And 7 are rolled, then you lose immediately. So, here the odds are not that bad.
Technically, you can apply this system anytime. Many players use single roll system after a point is established. My choice would be to wait for at least one or two rolls after a point. The reason is I have seen people throwing a seven immediately after the established point.

Here is a thing that you need to consider. If you hit then you will win $14 to $20. So, in a way you are risking dollar 64. Provided that if you get 5 hits per 1 lost (number seven can kill you), then you do make some money. If you are able to mange with three 4’s or/and three 10’s, then you are at 60 dollar already. For the hardcore player in craps, this single roll system might get damn boring. But for some it is great fun watching your rack full of the chips.

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