When you sit down for an exciting game of craps, do you know what version you are playing? Well, it’s always a good thing to know. There are many different varieties of craps. Some like the Street Craps, Grand Hazard, and Bank Craps. So, when you sit down for playing craps, knowing the difference between each game is important.

The game is simple; a new game is started if the current player rolls a seven. In the game of craps, this is called “sevens out”. When you make a pass line wager, you are betting the player rolls eleven or seven, also if they roll a place number and then roll it again. If you place a don’t pass line wager, you are wagering that the player will roll a 2 or a 3 on a come-out. The come-out is when the new player makes a wager on the “pass”, or the “don’t pass” line and then rolls the dice.

Craps is always an exciting game to be a part of. This table is bigger than other tables found in the casino. This table isn’t the easiest to figure out. When you are a beginner it can be confusing, but if you are familiar with bets on the pass and do not pass areas, you should be good to go. The casino craps table is covered in green felt. This helps to know where the bets are that were made. If you are a starter the designs can be confusing to you. This table can get very loud at times, so be ready for yelling, and ready for a great game.

Betting your money is a big risk, so what should you do? The best way to start out the game is to bet the minimum amount. You should bet the minimum amount until you win enough money to be able to bet a larger amount. When betting a larger amount of money after betting the minimum, you are betting the casino’s money. If you win, you are definitely coming out ahead. But, if you lose, no worries, that was the casino’s money, so therefore you are where u started at the beginning of the game.

Look for tables where the player is rolling winning numbers. If you find one, stick with that table. That is a sure-fire win. Also, get to know your dealer. Give them tips once in a while, and maybe they’ll let you place a higher chance. Also, when you watch the players, watch to make sure they’re not rolling sevens on purpose. Some players can control when or when they don’t roll a seven. This is called rhythmic rolling. So if you take these tips, you could be a high-rolling craps player in no time. Just make sure you take all the advice, and even some more, and you could be ready to go in one two three.

You can set your own amount of money when you play. My group likes to play for a dollar or two, that way we don’t walk away with too much gone.

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