How much do you make a year at your job? Are you happy working for the wages you are getting? If you’re not maybe you could give playing professional craps a try. Playing professional craps could make you more than someone earning $25 an hour makes. How? Great question, just read this article.

Do you enjoy playing craps for fun? If so, try playing it professionally for money. To be a professional craps player you have to be able to avoid distractions, control all your emotions, and learn and listen to the techniques and rules. Hey, you know what’s even better; you are your own boss. Nothing gets better that that, right? Wait, it gets better, do you hate paying taxes? Well, me too, but playing professional craps, there is no taxes. This is because there are no employees, players, bankers, any of that stuff. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Well, not all of it is as great as it sounds. Do you live in Las Vegas or Reno? If not that could turn out to be a problem. Travel expenses to travel to Las Vegas or Reno could get expensive. If you lose against the other player, you have to make sure you always have enough money to pay your dues. The right amount of money to have with you is usually around $2,500. If you are one of those people who can’t stop playing, this may not be the job for you. If you can answer this next question with a yes, it’s possible this would be for you. Can you stop betting, and be happy after earning $200 a day?

Other things to look out are, if you can’t sit for a period of time, it’s not for you. Sitting and standing are pretty much all you do every game. Also, if you’re not good under pressure, or not good under stress, it’s not safe for you.

Well, before you go, just make sure you know the rules and regulations of this game. You need to know everything about this game for the fact if you don’t, you’ll be losing more money than you will be making. So, before you start thinking about playing professional craps, maybe a few trips to the casino, and rule book reading is in order.

Great things to remember, if you don’t have the money to begin out, don’t put yourself in a financial strain to play craps. Always make sure that you have enough money to get yourself started out, and enough money to make substantial bets. Alcohol and drugs, forget them. Remember, you’re trying to clear your head. I don’t know about you, but alcohol kind of fogs up my head, doesn’t clear it very well.

If you have all of these things mastered, such as, money, clear head, and the ropes for the game, you are good to go. Just remember, if playing professional craps is going to put you in a financial strain, DO NOT PLAY. Never borrow money, because if you can’t pay it back, then you really are in a rut.

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