Out of all the casino games, craps is the ultimate physically challenging game. I am not telling you to do the Olympic punch pressing for rolling the dice on the casino table. View craps from a mental aspect. Our brain operates at a speed of million miles every second and you are using every possible trick from the books to come on the top. For some it is a terrific pressure to the brain. Immediately the idea won’t hit you. Later, your body will start gathering the effects of it. You need a powerful system and planning to win at craps. The version of craps found at online casinos can be rather challenging and is quite fun. Still, some prefer the live version found in physical casinos due to the camraderie of the crowd around the table. If you get a great opportunity to incapacitate the croupier, why not try it? So, the real purpose of the Hedge Craps system is to lead an easy path and go higher and higher in a game of craps.

The truth about Hedge craps

There has been a lot of buzz around that the hedge craps system was invented by the geniuses of Las Vegas. When these people were not on the job advancement technology, they were testing the other strategies of craps. They combined mathematical calculations in the craps game. They developed such a great system where they will gradually move ahead of the croupiers of the Las Vegas casino. They performed in a secret mode so as to stay under the radars of the casino. Unfortunately, this procedure passed to some other players and this team of innovators could never be found. Even today their identities remain mysterious.

The usage of hedge bet is very common in the online craps game. A hedge wager is done by splitting a single bet into two divided bets. The main intention behind this is to maximize the winning odds and hold the player of craps for a longer period of time. The additional bet that is made has the potential to terminate the original one. There is not too much money involved in this, but it is eventually a profit and can get you in a good line.

An Example of Hedge System

Depending on the online website, you commonly win the credit or money for your individual bet as well as the hedge bet. For example if your do not pass bet is 20 dollars on 6 or an 8, then you make one more bet on the same number at $16. If the roll comes out with a seven, then you win 20 dollars and you lose 16 dollars in the game. But, still you have earned some profit of 4 dollars. Though the profit is small, it is positive enough. Through the online craps, you are generally awarded with 20 dollars for the original wager and the additional 20 dollars on the Hedge bet. If you are lucky to make your point, you are ahead of 4 dollars with the hedge bet.

There are many who play craps for recreation only. When there is no physical money, you are open to a lot of options and tricks. You won’t be shattering the croupier by placing the hedge bets, but you will slowly and steadily be in a position to stack chips. Many people are successfully using this system. I strongly feel its worth trying hedge craps and check if this works for you.

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