Would you like to know a secret? More specifically, would you like to know the inside secrets to controlled betting?

When playing a game at a table for craps, how you place your bet should depend on how the dice are held. If the new shooter controls the dice, switch up your bets and place them differently. The average dice shooter holds the dice for five to nine rolls, but a dice controller will hold them twice as long, at ten to twenty rolls.

Would you like to know the inside secrets that craps professionals use to increase profit with rhythm rollers and control betting?

Find out now!
Signature rolls are developed over time by expert shooters. An easy way for you to discover this signature roll is to pay attention to what numbers the shooter will be betting on. Most likely he will make what is known as a pass line bet and buy some numbers as well; maybe the ten and the four. The shooter has to make the pass line bet in order to shoot, but the ten and four buy bet is sort of odd, meaning he may have a signature. It may be best for you to follow his example and bet the same way the shooter bets.

It is obvious that the shooter will be throwing a seven some time. You can not leave all of your money up there forever. Therefore, plan on having a good regression system. The simplest regression system to use is to begin with your largest bet and buy the exact two numbers that the shooter does. After that, regress your numbers by one increment after each success until you reach the minimum.

You can also try what is called “pushing the house” in order to get an even better deal. Use this as an example: If you purchase the ten and four for fifty dollars, you would pay a $2.50 vig on each number, which is five percent of fifty dollars. It could sometimes be rounded to three dollars. Ask about paying only two dollars before placing your bets. Should the friendly dealer say yes (he is supposed to), then ask him if you can purchase the ten and four for fifty-eight a piece and therefore only pay two dollar vig, which is five percent of fifty-eight dollars ($2.90).

Say, you win $116 when the four hits. Leave $58 on the number ten and use your regression to regress the number four to $38. Then ask if you may purchase it for $38 and pay one dollar vig because five percent of $38 is $1.90. So, if the number four hits another time, you will win $76. Leave that number at $38 because you are not able to pay less than one dollar vig on a buy bet. If they keep allowing you to buy the ten and the four for $38 and pay only one dollar vig, keep doing it.

If the number ten starts to hit, you will then have both numbers regressed to $38 then. Leave both of your bets up unless something unusual happens that ruin’s the shooters concentration, or if he removes his bet. You will always have some sort of bid on the table in a hot roll, by using your regression to buy your bets. After your first win, doing so, everything is pure profit.

Bring your friend or spouse along with you, if you are and expert shooter, and let them deal with your bets while you concentrate on shooting. The casino will allow this. And now you know the controlled betting secrets.

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  • Norma says:


    Question for you, please.

    On a $3. Hop Bet on the 7, what would it pay if it hits?

    Thank you.


  • andy says:

    For those who do not know a hop bet is a one roll wager in which you call out what you think the next roll will be. Guessing the right number will pay 15-1 odds. In your case a $3 bet will award you with a staggering $45.

    You can also call the dice to roll “doubles” on a roll. In this case the odds would double to 30 to 1. Let’s suppose you bet $3 on a hoppin’ hardway 8. You’ll need dice hitting a 4-4 to win $90.

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