Have you got the happy realization that you’ re good enough in shooting the dice and are bored of hanging around the office doing the same 9 to 5 job. Then you must hurry up and consider craps as your job profile. Once you have made up your mind go ahead without doubt. Would you be interested in eating fast food if you are also offered five star meals. Wouldn’t you want to have cocktails instead of the sick drink from the vending machine?

If interested, I am giving you some valuable tips to earn a living by simply playing craps game. Follow these things and you will understand the whole concept clearly:

Books and manuals: – There are many controversial books regarding this topic. It is a fact that they have become very popular not due to effectiveness. Most of the readers have considered them as waste of time and money and practically useless. Reviews said that a lot of things were missing and the focus was on the basic techniques of craps game which is available free in the web. Before taking the decision, you have to be aware of what must be done and what should be avoided while playing the game of craps. Always read reliable resources.

Safe system: – This system can let you win money slowly and steadily. One can find shooters who have control in the manner of throwing the dice. The control is so good that the dice will spin in the air and then come to a momentum in same way and same spot each time. The safe system requires you to place your bet only on this player. But, such players are quite rare. You just cannot track him in a week or so.

Dangerous betting system: – The novice craps players often start with this system. All their moves are in random order. If you take a decision to place the bet on such a kind of shooter, then only go for the pass line bet with the odds and later take out the two come wagers with the odds.

Take help from the books on advanced craps: – Almost 70 percent of the craps players, at some point or the other get ahead in their winnings during each casino visits. Out of the 70%, 90% of them give the winnings back. Books on advanced craps do tell you when to leave the table. These books imply that the gambler must have the knowledge of when to quit the game and get away. Never stick on one method irrespective of the fact that you are winning or losing the game. Always set goals of the winnings and losing too. Hitting losing or winning should be your ultimate signal for leaving the game immediately. Otherwise, you will leave the casino as a loser.

Make craps your business
Play craps in a manner that it is not for fun but a serious business. You should be in a position to discover and find new strategies and also have them tested in the craps game. If you stick to only one method, you will only win for a short period of time.
To be successful in making craps a living, always consider the same as the ultimate choice and not a weekend whimsical jaunt into a luxurious life. If you make a choice of the second option, you will be losing money in a short span of time.

So what are you waiting for. Make up your mind and go ahead with craps as your new job profile.

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