You might be asking where craps come from? And the answer is the game of Craps is among the most popular games for casinos. And that is for a good reason. Over several thousand years the craps games has become a more modern game to play in today’s day and age. It is very rich and colorful for all of the history that stands behind it.

Many people have been playing dice games since the early days of the Egyptian empires. It has been said that dice were discovered way back in about 600 B.C.

This game of modern craps has been discovered way back in the Arab world of ancient times, where they would play a game they called “Hazard” or better known to an Arabic as “az-zahr“, which is a word meaning dice in Arabic.

The game of Hazard was a game that was created by the local players, by Sir William of Tyre during the times of the crusades. Britain took back the game in the 12th century and then became a very popular game over The Channel that is in France. That is where the game was renamed to be called “crabs”. This is what they call it when there is a throw that is a losing throw in Hazard of “2”. The USA later began to call it craps, which was way easier to say for an Anglo-Saxon speaker. We know craps today as it developed from here in the United States of America. However, it was originally from the Arabic world.

The entertainment value of Craps made the game quickly spread in the United States of America and the attraction to the risk taking made Americans more drawn to the game. This was a game were you could display how much of a risk taking you are, and build your personal publicly. An American named John H Winn then began to further change craps to allow for you to bet along with the shooter or even bet against the shooter. Therefore, this counteracted the practice of houses scamming players by playing with fake dice, that was a wide spread scam at that time which in turn was holding the game back from becoming more popular and widely played.

The grandfather of Craps, Mr. Winn and the game he created became the very well known and played casino game that we love today with all of its familiarity.

Craps is a rather large game in land-based casinos and Craps have become a huge hit with online gambling. The one thing that is holding it back from being popular gambling game in Asia is because Sic Bo is actually the dice game that is preferred. If you traveled to Macau, that is now much larger than Vegas, you would more than likely be able to hear the bell sounding closing of the Sic Bo table than any screams and shouts from a craps table. Anyone who is betting on this game’s failure after so many thousands of years would have to be a very brave woman or man indeed.

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