Do you like to go to the casino and play craps? It is one of the most enjoyable games at the casino. This game always has something going on, whether it’s someone collecting money, or counting money. There are a lot of people that are sitting there trying to figure out their next move. Now like all casino games; you can win it big, or lose it all.

There are so many rules to craps that it is hard to tell you all about them. If you want to play at home, go buy a set of Complete Craps. If you are like me, you do not know all the rules. I even play with people that know the rules and do not like to share. They do that so they can win, after all it is a casino game. But then again you might walk away with some of your friend’s money. That is always the joy of play craps.

Craps can be a little irritating, because you never know what will happen. The person playing next to you could be very lucky. Then the next round they might not be so lucky. This is why I like to play at home, instead of a casino. It is so much more fun with my friends. It is also more comfortable when you are in familiar surroundings.

If you are like me and do not know a lot about the rules, and want to have fun. Then I suggest go out and buy yourself a set of Complete Craps… This way you own it and you can play whenever you want to. To bump it up a notch; we can learn more, and go into a casino with a lot more experience. You never know what will happen, unless you try.

The set of Complete Craps comes with a felt layout, but not a table. This is okay; as you can play anywhere with the felt kind of layout. I have been able to play on the floor, the bed, and a counter. There are many places to be able to play.

The set of Complete Craps is very cheap to buy, instead of buying everything separate. It comes with this set is five dice, a felt layout, a dice stick, 200 poker chips and an on or off puck. Some chip sets cost a lot, but others do not. So if you need more, go right ahead and get more.

We are all learning how to play with the set of Complete Crabs. So here are some tips that I have learned. When playing with the pass line, double up on six or eight. These two always seem to show when we roll. If you like to get extra money, check it out for yourself. Grab some dice and roll; whatever comes up the most, use that to double up on. If someone in your group is really lucky and rolls snake eyes or boxcars a lot, then bet against them. This way you can win some money, with the lucky people.

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