A Very interesting game to play is Craps. You can play it just about anywhere and with today’s technology we can even play it online. They have made Craps a tournament in many places.

This game of craps was started in your typical bar. It’s amazing how it has turned out to be a simple game between friends to being played as a real tournament.

For online craps, many casinos that are online have begun to have competitions for the members and casual guests.

There are a lot of games that have prizes to be won, with craps and the exciting atmosphere; the next excitement would be the prizes and mostly the money. Therefore, a lot of people who enjoy this game can enjoy the prizes won as well.

Crap tournament rules can be made according to the casino it is played in to accommodate many more players and to make the game quicker. These rules are changed slightly depending on the tournament and the casino. Pay attention to the orientation that is given to you and make notes of the rules that may apply to that particular game. Example, competitions require the player to pass or not in every round, and this seems to make it more difficult to manage your bets. So as I said pay attention to the rules to the tournament you sign up for so you know what rules have been changed.

Registration in most of these tournaments are free, however, players can buy credit to play in a competition similar to Poker Tournaments. You can also put money in your account but these are usually for members only and then deducted as they play. When filling out the forms remember to read the fine print because at times, there are hidden costs and you don’t want to be taken by surprise.

Before playing Craps, you should really know the rules as it would be on your advantage. Regular games you play against the house and the players do not play together. However, with Craps they get rid of this house edge and the players play together on equal ground. Then you can come up with your own way to play as you go into one of these games.

As I said earlier, some of the rules of this Craps game has been changed so as to fit into the tournament game. The commonest rule used in such kinds of competition requires the gamer to make the pass line bet or a do not pass line bet in each and every round. It becomes harder to manage wagers and therefore adds to the challenges of the game. It depends on the casino that organizes the game. Even the new rules are added as per their desire. During the Orientation of the players, they are briefed of all the things they have to carefully understand and note down.

There are a lot of high rollers who will pay as much as $500 to play in a tournament because the turnout can be as much as $50,000. Seems as if the more you pay to register the better the prizes will be.

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