Many novice craps players fall short of realizing the fact that winning is a gradual process. Here are the seven common sins made by novice craps players:

1.They are unsuccessful in setting a target of how they plan to win. Most of these players go to Las Vegas and other casinos and go with full fledged attitude as if they are going to make big bucks and when they actually lose, they stop playing. So, this is a pessimistic and a negative attitude. So, you come with high attitude of sinning big and then suddenly after losing once, you stop and leave. Depending on the bankroll size you have to set some goal for winning per hour and then play the game.

2.Many beginners in craps fail to understand the craps game. They fail to understand the probability for each number. And just that they might have the knowledge of placing a wager, they feel hat they are smart enough to win the game. I have seen a lot of times that initially the novice players win and think that the game is quite simple, but later they lose more than they win. The overconfidence in them puts them down. Immediately after one win they confidently increase the wager amount and later the craps table turns them cold and everything is just lost. Novice players must be well aware of the fact that craps is always based on streaks.

3.The third sin is that they do not have enough bankroll. As I said earlier, that this is a game of streaks. One cannot win on each and every bet, be mentally prepared for the losses too. Many a times, the players do not have adequate finances for the size of the wagers made. Sometimes they even set unrealistic goals to win in some time. For instance, if your bankroll is $500 then you cannot set a target to win $1000. This can rarely happen; it is only for the ones who have lady luck in their favor. There are chances that they miss out hot shooters as they might not have enough bankroll to wager on.

4.The fourth sin is drinking a lot. Never mix drink and play. If you are playing craps, either play it only for entertainment factor, or play for serious winning. You can never do both. Sometimes the novice craps players get connived with the free drinks and limitlessly drink. Due to this they are unable to concentrate on their game. I have several friends who are regular goers of Las Vegas casino clubs. They discuss casino matters a lot of times. Once they were discussing that when they had boozed and played they had not been very successful in craps game. So things worsen after booze. If you plan to booze and party, you have to wait till you are done with the craps game, but never during the game.

5.Many Novice players lack discipline. They press their wagers when they win. This works for some time but many a times the novice player will have too much of money in the casino table when the horrifying number 7 appears. What you must do is take out some of the winnings off the casino craps table.

6.Most of the novice players don’t pay attention at all. They are very forgetful of their wagers, and they might also forget to pick their winnings. In case you forget picking your winnings, it will again be considered as a wager for the next roll. It is a policy of the casino that it plays if it lays. And at such a crowded craps table, the craps game moves very quick.

7.The final mistake is the novice players believe that a particular system will surely work for them all the time. All systems work for only some time, so is a need to take turns and be careful to the craps table. Sometimes, the system might work of minutes, hours, days or more.

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