Online slots are among the easiest and most fun games among all the casino games. You can play slots at a traditional land-based casino at the machines available there, or try out your luck at an online casino from the comfort of your home. Wherever you play them, slots are fun and can make you rich in an instant.

Just as there is in the regular 'bricks and mortar' casinos, there are indeed many different variations of slot machines in the online casinos that are now becoming extremely popular on the Internet. In fact, there's probably too many different varieties to name, but they can essentially be broken down into a few key categories. So, there's the Classic Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Progressive Slots, Slots with Bonus Features and Games, Multi Payline Slots, Multi Spin, and Fruit Machines. So, now you know the different types of slots on offer, which online casino do you choose to play at? Well, that all depends on what you want from a casino. There are indeed hundreds, possibly thousands of very good online casinos scattered around the Internet.

The best thing to do is simply scour the net for online casino reviews - there's plenty of them, and you'll get a good feel of which people think are reliable and excellent, and which people seem to avoid. Most casinos feature a 'free play' option, which essentially means that you don't have to play for money. This feature can be extremely helpful for beginners. Obviously you'll be raring to go and wanting to play for real cash, but sometimes - and this is definitely relevant if you haven't played at the particular casino before - it's best to play with no money involved to start with, and get a feel of the atmosphere. Most casinos will ask you to enter your payment details on registering, and it's ok to do this even if your planning on playing the free option to start with as it'll save time once you begin to play for cash. Some websites call the free money 'free play', whilst others call it 'practice mode'. You might want to check for more information on this!